Case Studies

Dental Case Studies

Case #1 – Fractured Teeth

This patient attended after falling over on a night out with friends and fracturing multiple teeth. The teeth were repaired by bonding composite filling material, matched to the remaining teeth.

Treatment by: Dr David Lauder

Case #2 – Teeth Whitening & Fillings

This patient was very conscious of the colour and shape of her teeth as she was missing some of her adult teeth and has a retained baby tooth. After a course of tooth whitening, time was spent changing the shape of the incisors and canines by bonding composite fillings to achieve a more aesthetic result.

Treatment by: Dr David Lauder

Case #3 – Crowns

This patient was conscious of the appearance of her old crowns that had metal cores that could be seen at the gum-line. The crowns were replaced with cosmetic, all-porcelain crowns for a better appearance.

Treatment by: Dr David Lauder

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